LOOP 3 – “Akaba Loop”


Boil yourself in this loop

If you’d like to attempt a Poetic Extraction of this Loop yourself, please use the fields provided below to record written impressions of your experience!

Listen to the above loop for 30 minutes and record your experiences. You may write down anything you are hearing, you may also list words or images that the sounds evoke, or write down any thoughts that occur to you while listening, even if they seem to be out of the no where. You may also simply describe the sounds as you hear them. Every stray thought counts.

tl;dr – listen to the loops and write down your thoughts while you listen.

This information is for academic and creative purposes only, it will inform my writing and conclusions for this art project, and I will only post about it here on this website. Your personal information will not be shared.

thank you!

Welcome to your Poetic Extraction of some Extended Loop Exposure

which loop are you listening to?
what time is it?
are you at home or somewhere else?
are you addicted to caffeine?
are you listening with headphones or speakers?
30 Minutes of Loop Exposure
did you listen for the full 30min?

Some Previous Interpretations…



Poetic Extraction 30min

Waiter is there another menu you aren’t telling us about?
There is a look, a look I’m tracking
I can tell that there are many embarrassed people in this room pretending not to be
If I hold up something for you all to look at during the meal, I’m going to use the fork
A smooth orb could make a nice landing atop the square pole, but it needs time
We could lower ourselves into the hole, but we will do it carefully while staring
I can make it work, but you’ve got to be quicker with the emails
I tap once, twice, three times and the next tap takes me an hour
I can get work done
I can make the light dim
There is a hole where we are and I know what to do
I’m going to slip you something, don’t react when you touch the envelope
I’m bringing the bags in from the hardware store
The biggest problem is that I stutter
its not what I say is how I say it
No problem I have tinnitus, I can’t hear half of what you want me to
More like I always have something better and more interesting to listen to
There is sack hanging off the back of the chair
There is a droplet collecting at the corners the contents are wet
Sunlight off of snow
Cars on a wet road
smoke mixes with the mist
There is an unfurling of contracts
It wasn’t supposed to go like this is there a sound for that
I can hear the lack
I can hear the bare lack
I am full and empty like a dirty plate
I can see the dogs in the park in the distance
They are up on the picnic table
It is grey out so the sun strikes only here and there
Both employees are in the kitchen taking apart the trap
the linens need to be washed but the settings are inquisition
Don’t let anything touch the floor ever
Ever is the time that we need
Forever is the time
I can’t see over the cardboard they put on the windows
I just need to back into this here gas station, but the ground is tore up
How can we find the lad bead, they all fell not the floor and went down the cracks
There are enough cracks in the wood
I hit each plank of the fence carefully with a hammer
I hold the bats wing out carefully while he slumbers
I move the little pillow under his head
There is a jar in the kitchen, its full of large cookies do not eat them they aren’t real
I feel dehydrated, I need water and I need to have sunlight hit my face
There must be a single leech on my foot, I refuse to look
Lets consider that there is a dark bat somewhere in the room
Lets consider that this room isn’t your friend and that its not your fault
Don’t make this into something else, lets just let this moment live
I can tell when you are lying
I saw an omen
There is a prophesy of dropping an orange bead in a room full of jerks eating
The food ignores the talking
I will eat cold food
I will move a bit of rice on my plate like an advancing army
I will contain the beans
I will touch the edge of the flan carefully with my fork
I will bend but not break the surface
I will renew my playing card subscription
If you don’t pay the monthly fee the face cards go blank
I can’t imagine my end, because it already ended
someone hands me an over flowing cup as a joke
As another joke I ignore the overflow and drink, getting foam everywhere
I have a marble on my head carefully balanced, its been there for hours
The meal stretches for hours
The courses begin to repeat, is this the 6th plate of green beans?
There is a horn in the distance
There is a room that the broom fell in
A sound of shelves falling off the wall in the room upstairs
Big wooden blocks slam together the whole class looks, there is a calm silence and guitar
I can hear the waiters arguing upstairs about what to do
Since January, I have had suspicion
I can see the rope and pullie from the cornice, the flagpole is nowhere to be seen
I can’t find the switch in the dark
There is a light switch in this room but it is placed non- intuitavly
I grope in the dark, but I know that outside, sun light hits the snow now
I forgot that the room was built for a shorter man
I throw a small wad of paper into the waste bin from the doorway
Into the void it goes
It settles into the bin
We need to clean the attic
Its just full of things and this needs to be addressed
Stop sitting on the porch
Stop it
The porch is now off limits
Get inside and get eating
We can all sit hear and watch that helicopter land, or we can go inside and eat
I know that when the helicopter is landing, time is running out
The easiest way to get down the mountain is on skis
Inside the tree there are 3 duck eggs and a 12 sided die
Which is it, is it the perturbations of the actors or the wandering script
The script was only 7 pages long, but the play is 3 hours long
I think that we have trapped them in a room and now we have them
Don’t tell me that you are just waking up now?
There is a field outside that hasn’t been cleaned
We can sit here and wait for it to stop raining and then go out
You need to retrieve your things from the hole before they get here
We need to discuss lunch and all the ramifications
Between my pants and under where there is a pair of scissors
Feel around and pull them out and cut the ropes
I can hang here all day, but you look like you need something to eat
Im tired of reading, but there are so many more words
It sets like light colors beans, there is a rumbly texture
we haven’t had cream for weeks how did you get it so creamy
You must ensure they do not find the secret curry spice
Ive hidden it in the secret place under the floor
We both know half the riddle
Pulling sheets off 30 beds
I can hear the other employees in the surrounding rooms pulling sheets
I adopt the vocal patterns of those that came before me
I walk around hoping to be spotted
I wore the yellow coat
You can find me
I have a lack of monstrous intent
I have small intent
I have an icicle in my mouth
The wind picks up and takes the heat from my nose
I have a shovel, but my had is a claw around it
There are a number of people checking with long poles
You should be able to find them by smell
There is a smell


Work Tapes used to make this loop:

Work Tape A “boolface”

This tape is a recording of layers of grandfather clock and a piano. The sounds were recorded onto a tape recorder and then this tape was run trough an extensive looping and layering procedure. the clock and piano in question are not in the same room or timeframe, piano is in Iceland, the clock is in New York. the long tones of feedback are the primary focus, and the piano sound is something that had to be in there because they accompanied the original sound that is being looped here. If you reach your hand into a grandfather clock, and brush your hand over the tendrils that usually strike the bells, it makes a ghostly tinkling…


Work Tape B “hexmaze”

This tape is old to me, its from 2003. It feels older because im attracted to it, it feels like it has been with me longer than it is. The surface pattern is from an Islamic pattern book, printed out on computer paper glued on and spray sealed. Its a ‘resampled’ tape, as in its been cut together from other recordings rather than recorded straight to tape. It contains recordings of a few acoustic experiments: a recording of a drummer through a few contact mic effects, tape scratching a loud bell sound with the attack and decay filed off, and something called a ‘rabbitmouseophone” which is a harp like drum instrument that I found in the garbage once is being plucked and hit with mallets.

Work Tape C “Rooting”

This tape is dark green, from way back in 2001-2. It contains a ‘tiny jam session’ where a few people sit at a table and touch things very lightly. There is a box full of plastic that is shifted about, there is an electric guitar being played very slightly. Water glasses are tapped with a pencil. A car passes in the background. It is a quiet moment filled with a very small universe.


Work Tape D “TU cave”

This tape is from 2019 when I went to Berlin and got a chance to hang out in an extremely reverberant room at the Technical University with a bunch of artists I had just met. If you want to learn about people quickly, put them all in a reverberant room together and observe what people do. I luckily had a ballon in my pocket. The audio on the the is massively overdriven, because I think this has been rerecorded and amplified a few times, onto a few different tapes, like a deep fried meme.