LOOP 5 – “Tilling Loop”


Boil yourself in this loop

If you’d like to attempt a Poetic Extraction of this Loop yourself, please use the fields provided below to record written impressions of your experience!

Listen to the above loop for 30 minutes and record your experiences. You may write down anything you are hearing, you may also list words or images that the sounds evoke, or write down any thoughts that occur to you while listening, even if they seem to be out of the no where. You may also simply describe the sounds as you hear them. Every stray thought counts.

tl;dr – listen to the loops and write down your thoughts while you listen.

This information is for academic and creative purposes only, it will inform my writing and conclusions for this art project, and I will only post about it here on this website. Your personal information will not be shared.

thank you!

Welcome to your Poetic Extraction of some Extended Loop Exposure

which loop are you listening to?
what time is it?
are you at home or somewhere else?
are you addicted to caffeine?
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30 Minutes of Loop Exposure
did you listen for the full 30min?

Some Previous Interpretations…


Poetic Extraction -30min-

A man falls and I catch him
his coat is made of a terrible material
We know what we should be doing and where were should be but we are not there and we are not doing
The water comes off the top, as steam
We are left with a husk
I can see to the end of the drive
We know now
There are chains hung down where the mice are
There are mic everywhere
Suddenly she is talking in a rising tone
We can’t make it downtown without spending a hundred
The stacks of paper sit in a moist warehouse
We have a friend
We can float
We float over to the little pier
There is a rock away from the front
We need to put our shoulders against it
It will ruin all our clothes
We all came here in our finery, but now we need to escape
We can make it past the iron
I can extend the plank out over the entire void, and there will be no harness
The fumes would make you pass out in a few seconds
Its is a standard debilitating chasm
We couldn’t find the time but the time found us
Release the little helicopters lets see how good they are
They will pursue
Coming around the corner we can’t fathom the embankment
The brush seems to reflect light
The grass is fine glass
I roll around in the reeds
I put on the mask
I have discovered the smallest pile
I can’t have the last participant be unhappy
I will have a stick my hand in and I will have no shame
I will have to dig down deep and I won’t be able to see
Reach your hand in and feel it
The underground pipe bulges with the the frenzy of a thousand eels
The deep mucus overflows the small flask, covering the table and floor
We have to make the call
The car outside with its engine on
We can come to a form of nonstandard agreement
We can keep the lists on whatever paper we want
This is not good
This has an ability to stun
We// have////. To/. Nn////no
I have to find a glimpse of the planes wing through the clouds
Not the biggest glider ever build, but the longest
We can agree to meet at 530 am at the south tarmac
Find out that it was the teenage son the whole time
He was right to keep that a secret
Its not a big deal, but it is something that would be better kept to oneself
I can find the cube, at any time, spinning on its end in the living room
Its silent, but I know its listening
The mantel has an altar where we pay to be watched
I can remove the and tallow without harming the flame I’m just that good
I had to get up because of the noise
You know somethings its alright to go back to bed
You were right to go back to bed
The bed doesn’t exist, its just your back fat
Theres actually no furniture in this room
That chair is your butt
The field, full of night moths, in the flame of moon
Thats why we built four little houses to contain the cardinal forces
We had to put our regrets somewhere so we build it a little house
Our bitterness is housed in the swamp
I found a pack of cards, and they became our biggest seller, me suddenly finding cards
the way I worked it is that I actually own the surfaces they touch
I just own the air
I just own the light
So im good
Oh yeah well I have the concept chair in my office and I won’t let you see it
Lunch was nothing to write home about
Even though thats what I’m doing
I have to tell you about it
I can make it work
I can’t
I just don’t have the right file equipment
There should be a ban on these things
These things aren’t good for kids
I thought that the fight should have started before dawn, so the light would come with the punching
The flag flips hard against the pole
I think that the face of my kids will get an upgrade with the new picts
The kitchen is dirty and need a few hours
I took the cover off the book because the book is good but the cover hurts
We can’t go into that store anymore because of my issues
You know the ones
Do we even have to speak on the way home?
I had a good time hunting for iron the other day
I had a good time finding the old files in the attic
My back won’t recover
It will take a few days
I put out one of the dirty plastic bins for us to throw the rinds into
The dinner is fine, its the company that smells
I think that if we have a number of window that face south we should be good
If there is no window in the attic we have 3 days to make one
We’ll pay you back
Look, its going to come out of your pay anyway
We won’t be done for hours
The longer it takes the less money we make
We cannot do a good job
The paint is ocher that reminds me of the afternoon
There is a crib tape
The findings are salty
I reach my hand into the cool flour
The particles stick to my feathers
I have to tell you something can you sit next to me
Ill tell you after the potatoes
I know jj
I will melt again
I think we should get out of here this floor isn’t stable
We had to bring the machine up the mountain and we had to make our own road
You can live him hear someone will pick him up later
He loves these kinds of places he’ll be fine
The ship appears to be breathing
We can’t be sure
But there is soothing bad going on upstairs and it int just the storm
K kkkk hhh, you YOU YOU we’re TALKING
Gotta get it done gotta find your way
boiling Soup pours over the top of the pot and onto the table and floor
Potatoes and carrots are caught in the trap
SLUFF through a SIVE
Mortal talking
We have a brush with the mountain
And I will quietly sneak out of the collapsing house
All is well with the night, its just the barn collapsed
The weather, however
The weather, however
You you are a joke you have too many suits on right now for me to feed you
This kitchen is closed
The line is around the block
These people will become unsatisfied
Sometime into the future
Im glad we trapped them in a bullshit contract
Considering the house has inflated like a balloon
Yes but even then it did not fall over
So you could call this a success
Just because
A few people saw it for a second
And said yes good yes


Work Tapes used to make this loop:

Work Tape A “blemish”

This tape is from 2018, from when I was working on a project that needs “sounds of folding” its a looped sample of someone dropping a plastic cup on the concrete floor of an outdoor pool in Virginia. The recording has a ton of other ambient noise in it. The sample is sped way up and has a filter applied to it, among other warping effects. This is a “folding” sound to me. One piecemeal moment mangled many times to give an impression of folding and refolding.

Work Tape B “epic fights”

This tape is from 2010. It is a series of recordings taken from the ambient songs used to soundtrack low budget history documentaries concerning smarty people recreating midivil weapons for “science” and because its cool. these documentaries sometimes have sweeping footage of fields that are suggested battle sites, and there is often overwrote music that suggests chivalry and knightly battles. This one was really over the top.

Work Tape C “peacock gesh”

This tape is from 2020. I have an old red electribe SX in my living room, hooked to record player. This is from a series of freewheeling sample sessions that sometimes results from cooking and eating. The “gesh” is our idea of a sound that a peacock makes, which the sounds on this tape evokes. Think of a peacock unfurling its feathers and then snapping them closed continuously.

Work Tape D “stands”

This tape is from 2005. Its the sound of a recording session done outdoors in front of an art gallery near a hotdog stand in upstate NY. the sound is oscillations and broken electronic sounds from some converted and mangled children toys, but the sound of the air outside is part of this sample. This is part of a recording of a live jam session using these toys. So, this is a sample of performed music, despite its terrible timbres. The drawing on the tape is the audience at this show.