Nova Drone Parts List:

Almost all parts can be bought at Unfortunately mouser does not carry the female headers and the LEDs. The headers can be found at Digikey at the provided links below and the LED can be found at SparkFun. I also provide the part number of an alternate, less cool LED from mouser below.

The parts list below is the product of hours of work pouring over data sheets and testing parts. Ordering parts is time consuming and stressful work. This is why I offer a parts kit for sale. If you order a parts kit you are guaranteed to get the right parts.
That said, I enthusiastically encourage you to source your own parts! In theory it will save you money and its a good process to get familiar with if you plan to build more electronics.
I offer you the following list of parts as a guide but claim no responsibility for what happens if you should actually use it (although I can bet that it will most likely result in you getting the correct parts to build a NovaDrone).
-If one of the parts below is out of stock they will likely suggest a similar one. Look at the data sheets to see what the difference is. In most cases it will be something like the obsolete one is rated to work at colder temperatures or something. In this case it makes no difference.
-I welcome your questions (really) but encourage you to do research on your own before contacting me. 99% of the questions I get about this part or that are answered by looking at the data sheet.
-Take time to look over the data sheets for parts you are buying.
-Is the part you have selected a surface mount or through hole?
-Is it military grade when all you need is cheap-o low quality?

Qty Value————-MouserPart#——————–Parts

(1) 1/4″ audio jack—568-NYS216/2——————J1
(1) power jack 2.5mm ID 5.5mm OD——–KLDX-0202-B ——-J3
(4) IC sockets——–517-4814-3004-CP————-IC1, IC2, IC3, IC4
(10) SP3T switch——-611-OS103011MS8QP1——-01_1, 01_2, 01_3, 02_1, 02_3, 03_1, 03_2, LFO1, LFO2, LFO3
(1) 20 Spun metal sockets—310-99-120-41-001000 (break off 6 sections of 2)
(1) 3P male LINK header—-640453-3
(2) 9P male I/O header—-640453-9
(1) 3P female link header—-PPTC031LGBN-RC—- from
(1) 18P female I/O header—-PPTC181LGBN—-from
(1) 400 point breadboard–TW-E40-510 or BB400T

(1) 1N4001———–512-1N4001———————D1
(6) 2N3904———–512-2N3904TA——————Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6
(1) LM7809———–V_REG_78XX-TO-220 ———IC5
(4) TL074P————595-TL074CN——————-IC1, IC2, IC3, IC4

(3) 100—————–291-100-RC——————–R43, R44, R45
(6) 4.7K—————-291-4.7K-RC——————–R4, R8, R13, R16, R18, R28
(6) 8.2K—————-291-8.2KRC———————R5, R9, R14, R19, R24, R29
(13) 10K—————-291-10KRC———————-R1, R6, R7, R10, R11, R15, R20, R22, R23, R25, R30, R37, R46
(6) 100K—————291-100KRC——————–R32, R34, R35, R36, R38, R39
(9) 330K—————291-330KRC——————–R17, R21, R26, R27, R31, R33, R40, R41, R42
(6) 510K—————291-510KRC——————–R2, R3, R12, R48, R50, R52

(1) 470pF—————D471K20Y5PH6UJ5R——C28

(19) .1uF—————-871-B32529C104K189——C1, C2, C3, C5, C6, C7, C8, C11, C15, C18, C19, C20, C21, C22, C23, C24, C25, C26, C27
(5) 22uF—————-647-USA1V220MDD———-C4, C9, C10, C12, C16
(3) 100uF————–667-ECE-A1CKA101———-C13, C14, C17

(3) 10K—————–317-2090F-10K—————BP1, GP1, RP1
(6) 100K—————317-2090F-100K————–BP, BV, GP, GV, RP, RV
(3) 500K—————317-2090F-500K————–BR, GR, RR

This LED from mouser should work too but its not tested so buy at your own risk. The worst case scenario is that the color order may be off. AND itsonly 5mm, not the super rad 10mm you can get from SparkFun.

Here are the back plates as a PDFs. You should be able to use the images to laser cut your own back plate.

NovaDrone back plate single

NovaDrone back plate double

Below is a list of the hardware used to mount the circuit board to the back plate. I have included part numbers for McMaster-Carr. Unfortunately they only sell the listed hardware in bags of 100. You could get away with using any kind of generic hardware. If you have a hard time finding the nylon spacers and feet you could get away with replacing them with 4 or 5 hex nuts (part # 90480A005)

(2) 3/4″ 4-40 thread machine screw. Round head – 90276A113

(2) 1/4″ 4-40 thread machine screw. Flat head – 90275A106

(4) Nylon 6/6, 4-40 thread acorn nut, 9/32″ height. – 90003A005

(2) Nylon spacer. 1/4″ OD, 3/8″ length, #4 screw size. – 94639A202