Welcome to ‘think tank’


‘why even have a brick and mortar storefront in 2017’?

things are easy now but only some very specific things are that easy and things that have always been hard are still hard…!

The human artist with his robot friends (who are haunted by ghosts, that are charged with revenge)

Yes Detective Squad is a store, and we sell electronic buddies we are interested in and you should come by and buy them!

BUT we are also obsessed and passionate minds, and we’d like to talk to you and listen to you, Yes, wed like to be together. It’s the coming of the new amazing , unavoidable, mask fully slipped dystopia that’s got us thinking…

And we’d like to prove and demonstrate that we are not just brains in a jar, not needing everything quantized TOTALLY, there’s a click coming in from a decaying isotope from SOMEWHERE, I don’t know there’s a jack in the wall and something’s coming out of it….>>>>>>

IRL meat space is difficult, inefficient and blocky, and there are bag and paper tumble weeds roaming by in our post industrial hellscape, but having the ability to physically come together in our location is important specifically in 2017 and beyond.

What we achieve too easily we esteem to lightly, and since I think the internet just jumped the shark, we here are going to explore both internet and non internet ways of building and exploring community:

There are uncategorisable things out there! These machines are someone’s art and they come with their own art direction, passion juice and baggage!

There are genres and there are the weird blurry edges

And weir at the blurry edges here in Brooklyn. 24/7 WTF?

These machines make art, and art makes a mess of people, and it better, or the robots are just playing us!

At some point you stop system building and the waveform of possibilities collapses. Your set begins, and at some point it ends. Mistakes were made and they were glorious. You bleed, you are alive. Your ears are ringing because of use

We here at Detective Squad provides a number of professional services of that you can be sure, but we also provide a number of semi-to-non professional services, such as this psychedelic internet space, and, a room with a view on a street in Brooklyn. And cookouts we love sidewalk cookouts.

All is not smooth like an amazon delivery drone

We have Events in the shop

We have conversations in the shop

We have meetings and demonstrations and recording sessions

Flesh people meatbags with a heart come here

So this thinktank is a clearing house for our undefinable selves

As our space is a place for rough IRL confabulations – it’s natural

So contact us if you have something cyborg that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere

And see us here for tortured musings of artists and makers whos nervous systems are always half externalized and growing outwards. J