LOOP 2 – “Wednesday loop”


Boil yourself in this loop

If you’d like to attempt a Poetic Extraction of this loop yourself, please use the fields provided below to record written impressions of your experience!

Listen to the above loop for 30 minutes and record you experiences. You may write down anything you are hearing, you may also list words or images that the sounds evoke, or write down any thoughts that occur to you while listening, even if they seem to be out of no-where. You may also simply describe the sounds as you hear them. Every stray thought counts.

tl;dr – listen to the loops and write down your thoughts while you listen.

This information is for academic and creative purposes only, it will inform my writing and conclusions for this art project, and I will only post about it here on this website. Your personal information will not be shared.

thank you!

Welcome to your Poetic Extraction of some Extended Loop Exposure

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30 Minutes of Loop Exposure
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Some Previous Interpretations…

Side by side comparisons of “Wednesday” Loop Poetic Extractions



G Lucas Crane – Wednesday Loop Poetic Extraction 30min

there is something in the back of the drawer
There is a sock wadded up in the locker
Behind you, at lunch
i run through a house with many rooms
There is a wooden floor
Sock feet on hard wood
Hanging from a wall
A number of items of laundry are almost dry
My window is open a crack on a cold day
Upstairs there is great activity, like the moment before a meal
Im not im not im not
I can’t get up the stairs
There is a sliding of plastic
we’ve got a street at 4am
4am is not 6am but it is 2am
The clock has an anger fist
The kitchen has notes of brandy and off gassing
There is something rotten about this formica
At any given time in this house there are 3 things occurring but no more
There is a meal and I am looking from the noodles to the host
“How dare you” they scream from another room
Good films
Reels unfurling
A man breaks open a pebble sack
You can’t you can’t you can’t
A horse at the end of a very small pin
Zooming in….forever
The tip is sharp
So you cannot get in the way of the wind
Fill a jug of water and shake it back and forth
There is a spire in the eye
Wind and rain are ending
The light is flat, but blue
The grass moves separately
Each individual moves at a slightly different pace
The tires do not screech but I can tell there is a car outside
A succession of ringtones overlap
i reach my hand into the hole to grab a lever I can’t see it unlocks the dumbwaiter
The previous owner had longer arms
You get to the front and the lady can’t hear you
I can see blood in their faces
The room is full of people and so I can instantly tell who is unkind
I can feel the small spaces filled with air under the floor
How have you?
what is telling?
Is the sea under here?
My ingrown nails have become delicious mushrooms
One platform appears and another appears and a small crack appears when you stand there
There are books covering the walls, but at the ceiling it becomes clear those are real books
My seeds have taken flight
There is a crowd of small bugs and I am waking up
You have no light on your face, we are talking
We are at a party but I can’t see you or the other guests
Down the stairs down the stairs it all goes in a box
I will sneak down while you are having your fight
I will exit the back
There is the sense of another person, I can smell a human who is leaving
There is a garden, but the small gate is locked
Will you hide if the counter resets?
Is there a mode of happiness that breaks this silent meal
The plates click down delicately
There is a story to be told after the lights shut off
The lights went out and the internet stayed on so no big deal
My feelings drip onto me from a single thread hung downwards from the ceiling
Sweeping up there is a gross project hidden behind the can
I can tell where people like to touch this house
The backyard door is never touched
The dog finds the time to avoid these pants
Jars filled with chutney open in the kitchen a pantry full of jars
The long pantry goes on for yards
The right jar find the right jar
There is a state where we find ourselves, the back yard has a pit that you can’t see into
It looks like the goats just escaped
Were there ever goats I’m not sure I trust them
Its just cost effective to buy bananas at that price
I pick up the cable and he picks up his cable and we weren’t competing
Standing up to the best window, it comes up to my eyebrows
The largest pencil sharpeners are the most expensive
A twisting bit, to make a hole in the wall it requires you to chew everything up
A hand rotor, the ground covered in shavings
We have a bounty for the small man who came through here
Call us if you see him
The sandwich you made in the morning is better tonight
I reach over and touch the yellow panel, it begins to stink
You have need of me, lets go
Folding and re-folding, there is no other attempt to pull the lad out
I can fold the cardboard, but id rather die
There is only one good pair of pants in this room full of people
I have ignored the growing dark spot on the ceiling for some time
But the food is still delicious
I see the light pull back and leave his face
The light leaves the room
There is a swirling vapor
I look down and may sandwich is eating itself
My cage is sturdy
there is paint on the gear and its causing it to stick
You need to do maintenance
Pits stacks jars rakes mats clavicles
Dig down low, dig down until you have no hands until you have no breath
Small leaves sprout everywhere, there are formal gardens in your smallest places
I watch dawn light break over half eaten plates
The rain is coming I can hear it its 5 days away
I asked a man who I thought was my friend to use the bathroom and he said no
The moment was wrong, the bugs are escaping
The small harmless bugs
Do you dare, do you dare uncork this seething drama bottle?
From a great distance I can see what occurs
There is a precious chain of command
It is hot and I need to open a window
It is lacking in air and I need to open a window
Outside the air is very heavy
The window will not help
I feel like the people are not going to like that
Soda is in the lungs


Work Tapes used to make this loop:

Work Tape A “archorange gel”

This tape is from 2004-6, as all translucent orange tapes are. It has a number of elements that are usually very attractive to me, but all in one tape. the tape contains the sound of the result from touching the exposed circuit board of a small radio with your hands, and the result is what I would consider the “classic” sound of oscillating feedback and circuit noise. The tape is covered with translucent gel medium, which I would apply to tapes to make them seem constantly wet to the eye. During this time I was visiting a friend in new haven Connecticut a lot, an artist who always had a lot of broken electronics about. Its winter in industrial Connecticut in 2005, you are touching the back of a radio in a house with no heat. The tapes are all wet….


Work Tape B “Sanford”

This is a tape from when I was on tour in England in like 2002, and we had some reason to stop in Sanford, England. This is a recording from a pub, who had a small jazz trio playing at the moment. I remember being surprised that the band was even there, as the town was tiny and seemed very conservative – too conservative for even jazz? It doesn’t sound like jazz to me. Now this is my memory, but when I check out the only pub in Sanford on the internet, the whole thing seems unlikely. Yet this is my memory and the labeling checks out as the right time period. My father wrote a bunch of weird text on a sheet of sticky tape labels, and so any tape that is black and has a dads handwriting table is from this tour. I love this tape and always come back to it. thats why it says”you’re the best” because I’m thanking that moment in sanford for resulting in something that makes such a good sample.

Work Tape C “Pink Sun”

If its a black tape painted pink its from 2007-9. This is a tape of acoustic instrument experiments from when I first started living in the first silent barn. the sounds are made from a contact mic on a small nylon guitar. Its a delay meditation, as the plucking is enacted in a rhythm that is meant to fit in with the delay. This causes the sound to become a bed, and not, say, simply a single chair in a room full of other chairs. These tapes were composed to perform as acoustic sound beds for other sounds to jar and break against. At the time I was just hoarding as many unwanted acoustic instruments as I could. I had the space for it, and because of the constant house shows, weird little drums ukuleles and broken autoharps were always being left behind.                                                    

Work Tape D “BD Yelps”

This tape is from 2015 when I went to Mt Tremper, a local art mountain, to work on a Burroughs theater piece. It’s a study in making a noisy rhythm sequence with water sounds and synth garbage. The sound from the rushing water outside has been sampled and mangled using some Casio sampling keyboard. there are other synth sounds from the keyboard in there as well. It is utilized here at x2 the speed at first, which is something I like, as it is a frantic and out of control sound. While I was recording this, I remember being concerned that my b’s and d’s look like little cartoon feet, which is why it is labeled like this. This is a good example of a mangled sample, as the excerpt I am playing here is not just the result of hitting ‘play’. The tape player is doing what it wants.