Side by side comparisons of “Wednesday” Loop

here are two different people listening to the complete Wednesday loop

Tuning Up boing
interruption memory glitch organic glitch
After one minute and twenty seconds I realize why you kept calling this a big ask.
I don’t think I expose myself to difficult sounds that don’t immediately bring me recognizable pleasure or understanding.
I do feel like I could let this wash over me, but I’m trying to be an active listener.
It’s difficult to stay active when you know what’s coming.
They say that the biggest threat to really A+ high performing soccer teams is complacency.
How do you stay as good as you can be when that is so much better than everyone else you have to compare yourself to?
At around 5 minutes I thought I heard a new sound when I’d otherwise thought it had already looped and now I’m not sure.
An echoing thing.
Focusing like this breaks time to stretch it.
Like how exercising for a minute is ten times longer than any other normal minute. A part that feels like accelerating off of the Earth.
Training barnyard animals in music and they’re an ambient noise band and they play this at midnight and the chickens are the leaders.
Now maybe it is washing over me. I just made the chicken stock in the pressure cooker and right now it isn’t hot or cold enough to eat.
I want to have the edges of this, but I’ve lost them completely and I don’t know where I sit besides halfway.
A lot of moonlight here.
Wednesday means different things to different people at different times in their lives.
I met three of my best friends and nine other people on the same Wednesday twelve years ago.
I have headphones on and it feels like there are things happening around me. I just heard crickets?
What an irritating thing to be in the barnyard thinking about your musical aspirations as the sun goes down and then there are crickets all around you invisible and making beautiful sounds.
I would be an angry goat/pig/cow I thought camel
Away in a manger
A lot of tamed electricity
A room where there’s only this
It’s not a chicken it’s something mocking a chicken
Maybe it’s not someone leaving they’re falling back down
Am I supposed to be hearing this?
I don’t know if I’ve accomplished anything

so scary.
so scared.
broken furniture, moving around on its own.
wiggles. Wiggleton Whaggly, esquire.
Top hat, thin mustache, sticks for arms, dingly.
Hi, am Wiggleton Whaggly, Im dingly dangly!
I run away.
He likes jazz.
Jazz but not jazz.
Somewhere a huge mouth, but the kind you don’t see until you turn around and then it’s right there.
For some reason my left earbud keeps falling out during this and I wonder if it’s because of some sound it doesn’t want to hear in the left side of the audio.
Maybe the upright bass or the alien zapper.
There is a race happening, a very goofy one, but also terrifying, like Wacky Races cartoon, but worse.
Tippy Toppy, also a sound but also a character, also skinny the whole loop is skinny, whole loop gangly, long rubbery necked, villainous.
Derby, race or derby. Derp-y.
Derpy derp derp. Derpy deep derp.
Deep derpy derb. Darp darp darp darp, hello? (as in ringtone)
This guy could be like over 100 years old.
100 years old… and still dangerous!
DERP Has more endings than beginnings, therefore, somewhere, somewhere, it ends twice while only beginning once.
Another reason for the hell.
This is a hell that ends without a beginning. Big fangy mouth, fishman!
Derpy Fishman (lots of characters in this loop).
He’s dressed like a marx brother, but i think is a skeleton too. Everyone is dangly and dead, derp derp derp.
Hi I like derp jazz, I am evil.
Getting different scary now.
Like, I am wearing through the loop, I “get it” yet it doesn’t end.
Like in the beatles hey jude when they repeat “nannananana Hey Jude” 600 times and it goes from “cool, they are repeating a cool part of the song” to “I think they are trying to make me go insane!!”
The difference between being in time (when you hear something for the first time, and are present with it), to keeping time (when you first understand the rhythm of composition of a repetition and feel it like a beat), and losing time (when a repetition just won’t stop and it elicits an uncanny fear, as if perhaps it might now ever stop).
seeing weird colors